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The new way to source tenders in South Africa.

Government launching the CSD
 Any business that trades with the state can attest how burdensome it gets to register on databases and having to keep updating their information to ensure they are always at the best position for opportunities that may arise. In the Eastern Cape alone there are 47 municipalities and for a company to get access to work in the province, the company had to register on each municipal databases (plus other municipal state organs). 

Government realised this and developed the CSD as a centralised online database for all of government. This enables once-off registration to all of government and state entities. The CSD automatically syncs with CIPC, SARS and your respective company’s Bank to ensure Government has the most updated information, thus simplifying the processes to trading with the state.
Moving tenders online
 The CSD being online now has enabled all state organisations access to a database of suppliers by sector, B-BBEE level and location. The online tool thus enabled the state the ability to reach out to the businesses easier as they now are able to connect with suppliers directly without the need to advertise on newspapers. 

The move has been received negatively by media houses that depended on the advertising revenue. The move has also been applauded as it is estimated to save government R1 billion rands per year in expenditure. The decision for government to place all tenders online will take a learning curve for businesses that are not technologically inclined.


TenderPoint SA is an online tender procurement tool that assists businesses to source and post tenders online. TenderPoint was launched in 2012 and has assisted businesses to source tender opportunities in the construction industry. Tenders posted on the platform are sent to subscribers via email, a tool that is simple to understand. Register on TenderPoint to get access to construction tenders available in any province, CIDB grading or classification and with the CSD in effect, you now will be on the national government database and are able to apply for tenders anywhere in South Africa