Tender Costing

Let our up to date rate building tool source the best prices for your tenders with all the calculations you need to achieve profitability.




Qualified Professionals

The service is provided by seasoned construction professionals with vast amount of experience and exposure in the construction industry.


Shared Risk

We also take risk on the service as we price to be your construction management service. So we price to win so we both win.


Cost Effective

Our service reduces your overheads of employing a fulltime estimator / quantity surveyor. You appoint us on a project basis.

Our Solutions


Per Tender Service

We can help you with the tender admin of preparing and completing the tender document:

  • Attaching Returnables & Forms Writing
  • Annexure Declaration Forms
  • BoQ filling and Form of Offer

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Monthly Retainer Contract

A Retainer Contract on a month to month basis so that you have a dedicated Quantity Surveyor:

  • Tender Systems dedicated to your company
  • Search and price documents for your Grade
  • Available to assist on all your tender needs

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Per Tender Fees

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Service Disclaimer

We will not assist two (2) competing firms on a singular tender.

We work on a first-come-first-serve basis to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. If you are partnering with another firm, we will absolutely help you both submit a response. We cannot, however, help two (2) different firms submit two (2) different responses to the same bid.