Tender Contracting

Manage your construction contract with our project management tools that will ensure you complete the tender on budget and on time.




Proven Success

All our contract management tools were used on multiple projects before to ensure you gain same success.


Same Software

We use the same software you can easily source such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Suite: Word and Excel for your ease.


Fully Managed

Our contract management tools can be self managed or managed by us for easy updates, e.g. construction programmes and labour time sheets.

Our Solutions


You will manage the project

We will provide a file with all the tools you will need to run a construction project successfully.

  • Project Occupational Health and Safety File
  • Project Construction Programme
  • Labour Contracts and Wage Sheets
  • Project Claim / Invoice Sheet

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We will manage the project

Need your project overseen by our construction professionals for your peace of mind?

  • We will visit the site and measure for Claims
  • We will manage meetings on your behalf
  • We will manage production planning
  • We manage the project to completion

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Service Disclaimer

Our contract management tools are typically allocated in the project Preliminaries and General budget, meaning, you will always know upfront how much our fees will be.

We will require a Service Level Agreement for managed services to ensure we are on the same page with the project progress.