About Us


According to the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) slightly over 80% of contractors in South Africa are emerging contractors that battle to source opportunities that enable them to be employers and participants in the eradication of unemployment in our country.

The other imperative factor that faces the industry is a lack of information share that not only empowers contractors but ensures effective service delivery. A platform for the industry to share information ensures a healthy ecosystem that unites and drives the industry to greater heights.

Our platform was developed to be a catalyst to creating a united industry, harnessing opportunity and skills share, a product of employment creation and effectively result to thriving communities.

This mission and vision keeps us developing a simple and effective solution that fits perfectly in your business lifecycle, whether at the office or on a construction site.

We trust by utilising to our platform you do not only benefit from cost efficient services but you inversely ensure someone somewhere is empowered and for that, on our, and their behalf, we thank you for your business.