TenderPoint Home Screen

How TenderPoint represents the South African Construction Industry

When we tasked ourselves with the development of the TenderPoint re-branding we had many things to consider;

1. TenderPoint strives to assist emerging contractors
2. TenderPoint operates in a formal and professional industry
3. And, TenderPoint had to relate the core of its services for easy recognition and relation.

The first change was updating the “Contractor” icon. The icon has been the core distinguishable brand icon for the company, the smile and the thumbs up gesture that many subscribers came to trust. It was a daunting task but the new contractor icon pulled it off. The icon is a shoulder profile that represents all demographics and sexes. The icon on particular backgrounds is able to change between black or white and thus being a representation of the construction industry in South Africa.

After having completed this task quite successfully, we felt that as a platform that put interests of contractor success for the benefit of a thriving Built Environment in South Africa, we felt that nothing would be more fitting that a gesture of “protection”, “securing” and “treating well” that was currently part of our ethos had to be represented. Our final touch was the circle around the contractor that represented Completion, offering complete all-in-one services for contractors and if one were to look closely, the circle also looks like two hands caved around the contractor icon as if to protect and nurture it and that is what TenderPoint is essentially about, Whole Contractor Development.

We hope you come to love and trust the new TenderPoint brand as much as we infused as much passion and love into re-developing it.