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How TenderPoint can assist your CIDB construction company

What is TenderPoint and how does it work?


TenderPoint is a construction procurement platform built for CIDB companies and Organisations that deal with CIDB Contractors on a repetitive basis.


The Platform works much like the generic tender notification platforms to obtain tender notices. The platform tracks and organises tenders in a single and simpler format than receiving multiple emails from multiple tender procurement offices.


Example: If your company was based in the Amathole District Municipality region, in the Eastern Cape, you would also need to register on 7 additional Local Municipality Databases for Tender Notices. That is 8 database notifications you would have to track, manage and sift for tenders applicable to your company.


This is where TenderPoint is most beneficial; upon registering for the Provincial Account for Eastern Cape leads, we prioritise tenders from 2 Metropolitan Municipalities, 6 District Municipalities and 37 Local Municipalities in the Eastern Cape on your behalf and only send you tenders that would be applicable to your business and save you time and effort.


The platform is registered on National and Provincial Municipal Databases, National and Provincial Government Department Databases and  Parastatal Databases and are approaching Private Sector Organisations with a footprint in CIDB Construction.


The question every company should always ask is; Why should we spend to get tenders when we could get these directly from the Municipalities for free?


The answer is a simple and a resounding; Convenience! You now have saved Time and Costs that enables you to only get what you require, tender leads applicable to your business.


At TenderPoint, we have opted not to post tenders on our website as that would require you to scroll for leads as that would be defeating the purpose of saving you time, rather any applicable notification that comes in at any time is sorted and forwarded to you immediately.


How much does all this cost?


Subscription is from R499,99 a year per province to access a centralised provincial procurement directory and a managed tender dashboard for your respective company, essentially a cost of less than R5.00 per day! The single most important objective of TenderPoint is to save contractors Time and Procurement Costs. Our mission is to produce a solution that drives employment and reduces the need for contractors to depend on newspapers and travelling to noticeboards for any contractor and thus remove all limitations to access to business leads.


Why is the platform cheaper than traditional R1 000 per month costs of similar Online Platforms?


TenderPoint was built for Emerging Contractors and Established contractors alike, the platform runs on a simple lean technology with minimum overheads.


The platform much like all the other online tender notification platforms supplies the same information from the public sector, why pay more for it?


How does the Tender Publishing work?


Tender Publishing or Requests for Tenders  (RfT’s) / Request for Quotations (RfQ’s) enables any organisation or contractor to advertise opportunities to CIDB registered contractors and opt to receive all opportunities Online via the platform or via hand submissions such as tender boxes. The platform receives the submissions, tables them out in a Report where Procurement points are easily calculated and the Price is easily attributed. The Report may be available for the public to view and foster transparency in your Procurement Processes.


Any TenderPoint registered contractor may apply for or post tenders on the online tender platform. This enables Established contractors to find subcontractors faster and improve their B-BBEE procurement objectives prior and post tender submission.


What is the next step?


Register for an account applicable to your company and let us improve your construction business processes.